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Lots of theatre companies and producers are locking in 2018-19 tours right now – and looking for regional presenters.

We’ve put some of them into a list. Follow the links for more info. And get in touch with Arts OutWest if you need help navigating the ideas or putting together a funding application.

Critical Stages

Touring NSW Communities in 2017-2018.

Critical Stages is back and looking forward to bringing high quality live theatre to your community.  They have three new shows available for touring to small venues and community halls in NSW and we would love to bring them to you next year.

They have BLINK, GOOD WITH MAPS and KAPUT on offer. They’d love to chat with you more about how they can help bring theatre to your local audiences in 2018.

And if next year is too far away for you they have a tour of the wonderfully fun ZEN THE PIGEON GIRL touring through NSW from 24th October to 11th November.

Arts On Tour

The program is broad and diverse – in scale, genre and audience appeal – reflecting presenters’ needs for a range of work that fulfils a variety of objectives for your venue, audience and community.

From Ensemble Theatre’s mainstage classic hit Two to the backyard intimacy of Urban Theatre Projects’ The Tribe, from ‘slide show like no other’ In Between Two to the soaring beauty of The Song Company’s The Arrow of Song, the infectious humour of post’s Ich Nibber Dibber and the hilarity of Shaun Parker’s Blue Love, this a collection of vastly different shows to appeal to different audiences.

We hope to have children around the country bouncing out of their seats with inspiring shows of every shape and size, from Loose Canon’s ingenious one-hander Trash Alchemy and Ensemble Offspring’s narrated music concert Blinky Bill to Monkey Baa’s Possum Magic, The Theatre Division’s beautiful and funny Thai-riffic! and Terrapin/MTC’s award-winning Egg. And we’ll be working with Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre on tours to selected states.


Fresh off the back of the Performing Arts Exchange and building on momentum from Queensland Touring Showcase, arTour is currently developing 12 tours both nationally and in Queensland for 2018 and into 2019. They encourage presenters to contact them now to jump on 2018 tours and add your interest to 2019 tours before they are locked and loaded.

Shaun Parker Company

Have a family-friendly physical theatre show TROLLEYS which is touring Regional NSW in 2018.

TROLLEYS is a family friendly performance which can be performed in both outdoor and indoor public spaces, as well in main stage theatres to big family audiences.

It comes with a bonus live interactive demonstration performance called FOUND OBJECTS, where our dancers use a basketball, roller-skates and a plank of wood to illustrate how physical art can be inspired and created by mundane everyday objects – just like the Trolleys!  Local art galleries also may wish to hold an accompanying exhibition featuring local artist’s work inspired by the theme Found Objects!  We have found this a great way to activate the community alongside the live performance event.

To take a peek at our highlights video please click this link:

Download info about Trolleys

Image: from Shaun Parker’s ‘Trolleys’.


Co-Opera are touring the Barber of Seville  in 2018

Touring Barossa by Ralph Middenway in 2018. Expresssions of interest close 22 Septemebr 2017. Click here

Festival of Small Halls

Festival of Small Halls is a series of tours that takes the best folk and contemporary acoustic artists performing at two of our country’s largest festivals, and sends them on the road to tiny halls in communities all over Australia.

National Theatre Live Australia

ANT Live is sharing great Australian theatre with cinema audiences around the country, and they would love you to be a part of it! Get in touch if you would like to book a screening at your school or institution. 


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