Orange Civic Theatre hosts Thoughtlines

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Sept 8: We’re all big thinkers really. OCT invites us to think deeply with a unique series of stimulating public presentations by university-associated experts.

Orange Civic Theatre in conjunction with Christine Dunstan Productions is thrilled to  present ThoughtLines – Learning for the Fun of It

Sunday 8 September 2019, 12.30pm


Drawing on the treasure-trove of knowledge and expertise to be found in Australia’s world-class universities, ThoughtLines offers a special opportunity for an engaging and entertaining learning experience via presentations –- tailored for the general public — by outstanding scholars in a variety of fields, including science, history, politics, art, literature, economics, and philosophy.

Enjoy a day in the company of some of the nation’s most renowned experts, — hearing them talk — and asking them questions – about such topics as how the universe was formed; artificial intelligence and the future of work ; the rise of China and what it means for Australia; ethical behavior in the 21st Century ; the very special dinosaurs of Australia; making sense of economics; what is consciousness; the challenges of the Anthropocene; and much more.

A ThoughtLines day of learning starts at 12.30pm and ends at 4.30pm and features three one-hour-long presentations, including Q&A. Time is allowed between sessions for refreshments, along with the opportunity to meet and mingle with the experts and your fellow learners.

China and Australia: Do We Need to Worry?
Professor James Laurenceson is Acting Director of the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) at UTS.

He has previously held academic appointments at the University of Queensland (Australia), Shandong University (China) and Shimonoseki City University (Japan).

His research has been published in leading scholarly journals including China Economic Review and China Economic Journal.

Professor Laurenceson also provides regular commentary on contemporary developments in China’s economy and the Australia-China economic relationship. His opinion pieces have appeared in Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, South China Morning Post, amongst many others.

Saving Ourselves from Ourselves: The Challenge of Human Intervention in Nature
Iain McCalman AO, an Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Sydney, and former Co-Director of the Sydney Environment Institute, has established a national and international reputation as an historian of science, culture and the environment whose work has influenced university scholars and students, government policy makers and broader communities around the world. In addition to his considerable achievements as an undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate teacher he has published fourteen books with leading international academic and trade presses, including The Reef: A Passionate History.

In 2007 Iain was awarded an Officer of the Order of Australia for services to History and the Humanities. A member of the ThoughtLines Advisory Panel, he is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and the Australian Academy of the Humanities. Iain has consulted on and narrated several film and television documentaries, and is a sought after keynote speaker for conferences around the world.

Reaching for the Stars: An Australian Journey Through the Cosmos
Lisa Kewley is a Professor and Australian Research Council Laureate Fellow at the Australian National University, she obtained her PhD in 2002 from the Australian National University on the connection between star-formation and supermassive black holes in infrared galaxies. She is a world leader in galaxy formation and evolution and has worked on galaxy collisions, supermassive black holes, star formation and the amount of oxygen in galaxies across cosmic time.

As Director of the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence of All-Sky Astrophysics in 3D (ASTRO 3D), Lisa leads a network of 193 scientists and students around the world. ASTRO 3D aims to understand the origins of the stars and galaxies that surround us, from shortly after the Big Bang to our own Milky Way today.

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